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Personalised Medicine Module

A New Dimension to Decision Support

ChemoCare and the Personalised Medicine Module (PMM) integrating genomics testing with Chemotherapy prescribing for Clinicians. 

Developed to support the integration of genomic testing into the ChemoCare care pathway, PMM is an innovative product developed to enable clinicians to access genomic tests from our partner laboratory West Midlands Regional Genetics Laboratory.

West Midlands Regional Genetics Laboratory is offering panels of genomic tests for adult and paediatric oncology and haematological oncology that can be ordered directly from the PMM. The ordering process and electronic results service ensures the timely delivery of results and guidance so that clinicians can take advantage of this innovation whilst maintaining cancer treatment waiting times.

Supporting Order Instructions to ensure that the correct specimens are prepared and shipped, the PMM is designed to help streamline the complex logistics required to support specimen shipment.

When integrated with ChemoCare the PMM provides interpreted results at the point of prescribing thus enabling the seamless review of genomic test results with the prescribing system.

PMM brings genetic testing to the cancer clinician's desktop with:

  • Easy to use guided test selection and test ordering.
  • Automated support for specimen logistics including notifications of other clinical departments and shipping company.
  • Interpreted results loaded into the system directly from expert genomic laboratories.
  • Automated uploading of local laboratory results to support the extended clinical pathway.

Download the Genomics Brochure

“I believe that this system will have a very positive impact on the adoption of personalised cancer medicine into clinical practice, which is a cornerstone of the cancer strategies worldwide that aim to reduce overall cancer mortality.”

Dr James Mackay
Consultant Genetic Oncologist
Clinical Director CIS Genomics