Manchester v6 Upgrade News

We are pleased to announce the commencement of the ChemoCare v6 Upgrade Project at Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust, formerly Central Manchester University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.  This project will incorporate the upgrade of the live ChemoCare system at Manchester Royal Infirmary, Manchester Children’s Hospital and Trafford General Hospital including the haematology day unit and the paediatric site.

The comprehensive protocol configuration options within ChemoCare readily support adult and paediatric, oncology and haematology prescribing.  The system has proven paediatric capability developed in conjunction with CCLG hospital sites, which offers improved communication between Specialist Treatment Centres and their Paediatric Oncology Shared Care Units via the unique multi-pharmacy capability.

We offer a modern platform giving users a real choice which can be deployed on-premise or via our hosting partner, Redcentric.  If you are interested in upgrading, or would like any further information on the host of new features included in Version 6, just email our sales team on