Notice to All ChemoCare Customers

Notice to All ChemoCare Customers Regarding Auditing and OmniAudit

Some time ago we contacted all sites regarding the use of Omniaudit, as a result of which a number of additional sites now have a deployed and active instance of the application in their Live environment (and a further tranche are in the process of monitoring its deployment in Test). 

As all customers should now be aware, this solution has been utilised by CIS Oncology for some time in order to facilitate the audit of data changes at a database level.  Via triggers on database tables, it allows audit data to be viewed either from the audit database tables/views or from a front end application. 

This audit data capture and access enables CIS to field any auditing or maintenance queries customers may have. 

A small number of our customers have not yet responded to any of our advisory communications regarding the availability of this facility; following a number of attempts to ensure all sites are made aware of this functionality we have previously advised that, in the absence of a response, we must assume these sites have no further questions regarding its use or our ability to facilitate audit data access without it, and have elected not to deploy the application.

If, however, you have any outstanding questions or concerns in connection with auditing or the Omniaudit functionality we are very happy to field them via our Support team (at