SACT Go Lives

The following sites have now been upgraded to version 5.3.4 of ChemoCare:

November 2013:

  • South West Wales Cancer Network

December 2013:

  • Birmingham Paeds
  • Leicester

January 2014

  • York
  • North Bristol
  • Southend

February 2014

  • South Tees
  • Leeds - both the Adults and Paediatric Systems

March 2014

  • East Cheshire (Macclesfield)
  • Great Ormond Street
  • North Middlesex
  • Devon
  • Sussex

As a result of this upgrade, all the sites are now able to submit all 43 SACT data items directly from ChemoCare.  If you are interested in finding out more about our SACT compliant version of ChemoCare click on the Contact Us link below.