Surge of Activity in the Deployments of Paediatric ChemoCare Solution

ChemoCare for Paediatric Oncology

CIS Oncology today announces a surge of activity in the deployments of its Paediatric ChemoCare solution. ChemoCare, already known as the system of choice for adult chemotherapy ePrescribing in 130+ UK hospitals, has recently been selected by three Paediatric Cancer Specialist Treatment Centres (PTC) to rollout network and single hospital solutions of ChemoCare.

Birmingham Children's Hospital has extended the functionality of its current Paediatric ChemoCare implementation to enable the Paediatric Oncology Shared Care Units (POSCUs) in the West Midlands Children's Cancer Network to prescribe chemotherapy using the same database so there is a single paediatric oncology prescription record for children receiving treatment in more than one hospital in the same network.  Oxford Children's Hospital (part of Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust) and Noah's Ark Children's Hospital for Wales (part of Cardiff & Vale University Health Board) have also opted for the ChemoCare solution to support its Oncology services for children and young people.

CIS Oncology's Paediatric ChemoCare is successfully used to prescribe chemotherapy in 70% of Paediatric Cancer Specialist Treatment Centres (PTC) across the UK. It is one of the few products capable of supporting this complex field of medicine, supporting users as they prescribe and administer the complex protocols used within Paediatric Oncology. 

Paediatric ChemoCare will enable users electronically prescribe, prepare and administer chemotherapy safely and with certainty, to support patient safety. Prescribers are able to choose where treatment is to be given, and also change treatment location, in line with the principles of s shared care environment for paediatric oncology services.  The solution also includes full reporting of Systemic Anti-Cancer Treatment as standard. 

Studies have shown that the treatment of Child Cancer is best managed by Specialist Treatment Centres which are experienced in the field of Paediatric Medicine and have the necessary specialist and technological support to aid the prescription and administration of Chemotherapy. ChemoCare supports this process in maintaining a single patient record that allows the PTC to maintain control of the patients' treatment in consultation with local POSCU's.

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