Update on ChemoCare New Sites Go Lives

Update on ChemoCare Go Lives

Hinchingbrooke Health Care NHS Trust

Many congratulations to Hinchingbrooke Health Care NHS Trust, the Trust started their protocol build in earnest around mid December and then subsequently went live on the 26 March. They took around 14 weeks from the beginning of the build to Go-Live, a tremendous achievement for all concerned.

Mid Cheshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust (Leighton) and Croydon University Hospital

Leighton and Croydon Hospitals both started configuring their protocols around 10 January.  Leighton went live on the 26 March for prescribing and the 2 April for administration. Croydon went live on the 8 April. Again a tremendous achievement for all concerned.

As is the nature of these short fast track projects, the site needed a high level of project management support in order to grapple the tasks and speed required to achieve their Go-Live dates and to track and manage any delays in order to achieve the Go-Live. The product documentation set (work packages & work stream plans) helped in explaining the work that needed to be completed, the importance of the tasks and ensuring that the site understood the value of the documentation by referring them to it at several points in the project lifecycle.

Due to the rigorous on site planning activities and persistent team meetings to check on progress and resolving issues / providing guidance, all 3 projects met their Initial Go-Live dates and all three sites went live with > 20 protocols at Go-Live.