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Another Enhancement for ChemoCare

Scheduling patient treatment is always a challenge, particularly in large organisations with multiple wards, outreach sites and home services. Imagine having a diary system that:

  • Takes into account clinical treatment plan.
  • Works across multiple treatment areas.
  • Allows you to reschedule appointments at the touch of a button.
  • Interacts with other scheduling systems.
  • Produces letters, referral forms and reports.

Whilst still maintaining the flexibility required for the day to day management of a busy treatment centre?

ChemoSchedule provides all this and more, because of its flexible configuration options the system is capable of covering simple one ward set ups to multi-site centres.

What does it deliver?

  • Diary functions built into the existing ChemoCare system to define and manage capacity across your organisation.
  • Delivers seamless integration of prescribing and patient scheduling.
  • Mail merge booking information to generate appointment letters and electronic referral forms.
  • Ability to schedule patients across multiple organisations using the system.
  • Real time diary showing status of patient's treatment.
  • Innovative visualisation tools to enable the monitoring and planning of unit workload and capacity.
  • Ability to configure diaries for one or more Ward locations.
  • Ability to configure Nurse effort and appointment length.
  • Ability to schedule supportive care appointments.

How does it do this?

A diary is defined as a matrix of 15 minute appointment slots defined by a start time, a finish time and the number of resources that can be scheduled synchronously; typically these resources can be called chairs. These parameters define the diary capacity for a day.

Appointments set up in the system are either a treatment appointment that it is attached to a treatment day in a prescribed cycle or an intervention that can be booked independently of the prescription. In addition an intervention can be added to a treatment appointment during the booking process so that if a patient needs additional time or procedure associated with a particular treatment, the increased appointment time can be scheduled.

When a prescriber allocates treatment in ChemoCare, they will select a ward location where the treatment is to be given. At booking, the system will then present the available diaries for the selected ward location during the booking process. The configured appointment length, based on the treatment plan prescribed, is automatically loaded into the system as the default appointment to be scheduled. The booker can then book the appointments based on the appointment requirements set up in system. Some changes to the appointments can be made, this includes moving treatment to other hospital locations on the system.

Download the ChemoSchedule Brochure