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Enhancements to ChemoCare through Integration

At CIS Oncology, we help our clients realise the full potential of information technology in the cancer medication management process either through integrated workflow or integration with other clinical systems.

The portfolio of standard options are described overleaf, these can be coupled with bespoke integrations to ensure tailored solutions.

Options Overview

A constant electronic flow of information between ChemoCare and other clinical systems means that the Clinician, Pharmacist and Nurse Teams are always working with the latest most accurate information. 

CIS Oncology has knowledge of the large variety of clinical systems used in the NHS. To tackle the challenge CIS Oncology utilises an integration engine for message transmission via HL7, ASCII or SOAP.

Laboratory Results

The purpose of the interface is to automatically transmit patient test results from the Trust Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) to the ChemoCare application to enable the ChemoCare users to view and act on the patient's test results.

Demographic Data

In order to avoid manual entry of patient demographics, and the risk of duplicate patients, CIS Oncology recommends the use of a demographic interface which allows ChemoCare to received patient demographic data from a PAS or EPR.

CIS offer a number of options including:

  • Real time patient lookup using HL7, SOAP or ODBC.
  • Trickle feed of registrations and/or updates.
  • Patient subscriptions to other clinical systems for targeted updates and notifications.

Where ChemoCare is used in multiple hospitals, the system will handle multiplepatient numbers and displays PAS numbers appropriate to the local hospital as well as the NHS/CHI number. The CIS standard interface supplies all the necessary data to support the SACT dataset; subject to the Hospital's PAS system supplying the necessary information.

Discharge Summary

With the increasing need to transmit discharge summary information to either internal systems or external third parties, CIS has developed a standard HL7 discharge summary interface which summarises the treatment given.

Pharmacy Stock Control

With an increasing number of organisations wishing to transfer drug usage into their stock control systems, CIS have Pharmacy Stock Control interfaces which at the point of preparation, sends a list of drugs used to a third party pharmacy system.

Accident and Emergency Alerting

Alerting A&E staff when a chemotherapy patient presents with acute side effects is recognised as an important part of the management of neutropenic sepsis in many cancer services. On registration of a patient in the A&E system, the A&E alerting tool will interrogate ChemoCare and instantly alert the user if chemotherapy has been administered recently.

Download the ChemoCare Integration Brochure