What we do

Building on Paediatric Cancer Care with ChemoCare

ChemoCare is successfully used to prescribe chemotherapy in 70% of Paediatric Cancer Specialist Treatment Centres (PTC) and is one of the few products capable of supporting this complex field of medicine.

Building on this success, and in line with the principles of shared care, ChemoCare can now be used to prescribe and treat children away from the PTC whilst maintaining a single chemotherapy medication record.

How is it done

The ChemoCare Multipharmacy functionality enables the system to support the pharmacy functions for more than one pharmacy and create treatment locations (these can be hospitals or community based services) for each of the pharmacies in the system. Each treatment location has a dedicated Chemolist so that each user can see patients that have been assigned to them for treatment.

The scheduling functionality in ChemoCare enables treatment days within a prescription to be moved from one clinical location to another so that users can move parts of a treatment cycle to other hospitals.

The single patient prescription is retained but prescribers can now choose where the care is to be delivered at the start of treatment and then, during treatment, change the clinical location so that some or all of the patient care can be given at other hospitals. When users access the patient prescription they can see what has been given and what is to be given by them.

The benefits of the Networked ChemoCare Paediatric system are:-

  • The single patient record is accessible from any hospital that has access to the system and the history of what has been given, where and by whom is available at all times.
  • Local hospitals can link up to their Specialist Treatment Centre and facilitate the ongoing treatment of the patient as close to the patients' home as possible using one chemotherapy record shared by the whole team.
  • The Specialist Treatment Centre maintains control and monitors the ongoing treatment in consultation with the local hospital, whilst ensuring stronger communication between the Specialist Treatment Centre and the Paediatric Oncology Shared Care Unit.
  • The consistent treatment of patients by the use of shared protocols and treatment plans including trials.
  • The ability to extend trial treatments across multiple sites whilst maintaining central control and reporting.
  • Easy reporting of patient statistics across the network for Peer Review requirements under the SACT initiative Standardised Prescribing Practices.
  • Improved reporting and patient management.

Download the Paediatric ChemoCare Brochure