What we do

Professional Services and Training

At CIS Oncology we are committed to ensuring that users continue to get the best from the extensive features in ChemoCare and so always provide training when ChemoCare is first installed and when new functionality is released. We know that as time goes on, service and staff changes occur so that using the system to best meet the needs of your service may be compromised.  To assist with this, our expert clinical team are able to offer training and clinical process review to help your clinical team get up to date help when needed.

Training Options

Training sessions are tailored to fit your particular needs so that users can benefit from focused training based on their clinical use of ChemoCare. These sessions prepare new users to use the system or support retraining for existing users. The session content and a plan will be agreed and  issued in advance. Hands on training sessions can be purchased for specific clinical disciplines as follows:

  1. Nurses
    Session duration is 2 hours. The standard training plan for this session includes all functionality relevant to nursing tasks within in the system. Please note that if you are using ChemoSchedule the duration of the session is increased to 3 hours.
  2. Prescribers
    Session duration is 3 hours. The session is aimed at any user responsible for prescribing treatment; this can include nurse and pharmacist prescribers.
  3. Pharmacy technicians and pharmacists
    Session duration is 3 hours. This session is aimed at pharmacy technicians and pharmacists who use the system including the worksheets and labels.
  4. Train to test
    Session duration is 3 hours. This session is aimed at users  undertaking User Acceptance Testing.
  5. Train to build
    Comprises of two three hour sessions and is aimed at users involved in the configuration of the system. It is recommended that the training is delivered to up to three users;  the content assumes that the governance arrangements for the system are already in place and known to users participating in the training session.
    • Session 1 covers the building blocks including; setting up new users, security matrix, drug file configuration, code lists, multipharmacy configuration etc.
    • Session 2 covers how to build cycles and protocols.
    It is recommended that participating users complete session 1 before session 2.
  6. Train to schedule
    Session duration is 4 hours. This session is aimed at users who will be configuring the ChemoSchedule functionality within the system. It assumes that the user is familiar with the use of ChemoCare.

Clinical Process Review

We understand that chemotherapy services are constantly undergoing review in line with national and local requirements. We know that it is difficult to get time to think about how to use ChemoCare features to support dynamic service needs. To assist you in getting the best from ChemoCare, we are able to offer a clinical process review, where we work with you to  review the clinical process you currently use and identify how ChemoCare can be used to best meet your needs. This involves a visit to view the patient and prescription pathway through your site to understand  what you are doing now, or would like to do and any particular issues you would like to address. Armed with this knowledge and our expert knowledge of ChemoCare we will produce a report outlining options for using ChemoCare to support your service aspirations, thereby providing a simple shortcut to more effective system use that lessens the impact on your busy staff's time in redefining system use.

For more information about our training packages call us on (028) 9560 0855 or email: sales@cis-healthcare.com.