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The Worksheets and Labels Module

Another Enhancement for ChemoCare

CIS Oncology is pleased to announce the release of the new Worksheets and Labels module, the latest in the line of functional enhancements to ChemoCare.

Designed to meet the stringent requirements for licensed aseptic units, the worksheets and labels module offers users the capability to design worksheet and label templates and fully manage their release and updating within the system.

The new module, which can be added to your existing ChemoCare systems, provides the following key functionality:-

  • Fully configurable security ensuring that the functionality can only be accessed by authorised system configuration experts.
  • Three stage worksheet and label release functionality to enable both licensed and Section 10 aseptic units to comply with GMP process and MHRA guidelines.
  • Comprehensive audit log and version control for worksheet creation, printing and review so that users have a fully auditable GMP process in line with MHRA best practice guidelines.
  • Full worksheets and label history, held within a worksheet history file viewable by the user.
  • Able to configure local preparation table which can be fully controlled by the Aseptic team.
  • Capability to release worksheets and labels to individual aseptic units so each unit in the multi-pharmacy system can have their own preparations, worksheets and labels.
  • The ability to set up multiple worksheet and label configurations for a drug and route combination, this will allow users to configure multiple worksheets to accommodate the use of different preparation methods and different brands.
  • Intelligent worksheet selection function that based on the prescription will select the most appropriate worksheet or worksheets to reduce the risk of incorrect selection.
  • Support for trial specific worksheets.
  • The ability to create worksheets and labels to support the use of multiple strengths of pre-fill syringes and pre made IV bags.
  • Ability to import existing worksheet templates that are stored as a PDF or word document.
  • Bitmap images can be imported and used in both labels and worksheets which can be updated centrally.
  • Option to assign barcodes to both worksheets and labels.
  • Potential to interface with stock control systems.

Download the ChemoCare: Worksheets and Labels Brochure