What we do

Electronic chemotherapy prescribing and patient management

At CIS Oncology we use cutting-edge technology to provide expert automated chemotherapy prescribing and patient management systems.

As creators of the UK’s leading ChemoCare product - used by tens of thousands of NHS staff - we have built up a reputation for efficient and reliable systems which make chemotherapy prescribing safer, quicker and easier.

From accurately prescribing, preparing and administering chemotherapy, to scheduling treatment and sharing data, ChemoCare integrates everything on a single platform which can be easily accessed by clinicians across multiple locations.

ChemoCare benefits include:

  • Adult oncology and haematology prescribing
  • Paediatric oncology and haematology prescribing
  • Precise drug preparation with customisable worksheets and labels
  • Scheduling for treatment and ad-hoc interventions
  • Seamless data-sharing between clinical systems
  • SACT
  • As well as an ever increasing range of other product modules and services that assist with informatics, genomics, treatment in care settings away from a hospital and much more.

Quality innovation

Our expert team is constantly adapting and upgrading our products to meet changing market demands, with two new systems launched in 2019. Committed to ensuring client satisfaction at all times, we pride ourselves on providing the most up-to-date and efficient systems, which are fully flexible, adaptable to your specific needs and supported by a dedicated and highly knowledgeable 24/7 support team.

With ChemoCare, patients can be treated closer to home for more convenience, while clinicians can easily access data from the Cloud, reducing paperwork and collating information in a clearer and more manageable way.

At CIS Oncology, our goal has always been to make chemotherapy prescribing and patient management simpler and more streamlined, ensuring consistent treatment which is of a consistently high standard.


For more information about what we do just call us on (028) 9560 0855 or email: sales@cis-healthcare.com.

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