Flexible configuration for drug preparation documentation

Bespoke templates for preparation

You can get even more out of your ChemoCare system by installing some of our additional programmes to your existing package, such as our worksheets and labels module, ChemoWS. This add-on programme allows users to design their own unique templates for preparing and labelling drugs, with full control over their release and when they update onto the main system.

Designed to meet the stringent requirements for licensed aseptic units, the Worksheets and Labels module is fully secure and only accessible by authorised users.

Key features include:

  • Three-stage worksheet and label-release functionality, so both licensed and Section 10 aseptic units can comply with GMP process and MHRA guidelines.
  • Comprehensive audit log and version control for worksheet creation, printing and review, so users have a fully auditable GMP process in line with MHRA best practice guidelines.
  • Option to assign barcodes to both worksheets and labels.
  • Full worksheets and label histories are held within a worksheet history file.
  • Ability to configure a local preparation table which can be fully controlled by the aseptic team.
  • Worksheets and labels can be released to individual aseptic units so each unit in the multi-pharmacy system can have their own preparations, worksheets and labels.
illustration of a doctor and pill bottles

Seamless integration

If you decide to incorporate ChemoWS into your ChemoCare system then an intelligent worksheet selection function will ensure increased accuracy when matching prescriptions to worksheets.

You can also set up multiple worksheets and labels for a drug and route combination, enabling the use of different preparation methods and brands. There is additional in-built support for trial-specific worksheets as well as the ability to create worksheets and labels to support the use of multiple strengths of pre-fill syringes and pre-made IV bags.