Revolutionising medical prescribing

To get the maximum benefit from our innovative ChemoCare technology, we advise our clients on how to integrate their workflow, or combine it with other clinical systems. We have a number of standard options to make this a seamless process, as featured below, or we can create entirely bespoke integrations to meet your specific workflow requirements.

Whichever you choose, the end result will be a more efficient and effective way of working within your organisation, with reliable patient prescribing and workflow management.

Standard options for integrated systems

At CIS Oncology we offer a number of integration options which will enhance the operation of your organisation’s workflow system and ensure real-time data for clinicians, pharmacists and nurses.

Having worked first-hand with the wide range of clinical systems within the NHS, we understand the unique requirements of these. Our technology is therefore designed to ensure a constant flow of information between ChemoCare and the system you have in place. We currently use HL7 and SOAP Web services to deliver fully integrated data transmission within our software.

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Suitable for use across a range of hospitals, ChemoCare can easily handle multiple patient numbers, displaying the PAS numbers for each hospital as well as a national number. The hospitals simply supply the relevant information and our system does the rest.

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