What we do

What is ChemoCare?

ChemoCare is an expert chemotherapy electronic prescribing system with integrated appointment scheduling, which, using a single patient record, provides the medication record, clinical information and appointment schedule required for the safe management of cancer patients receiving chemotherapy.

Providing the capability to replace complex paper based clinical systems, ChemoCare can be used across multiple care settings where, prescribing practices can be individually controlled, making it an essential device to support standardised patient care whilst delivering treatment close to home.

Utilising a dedicated, integrated worksheets and labels module, ChemoCare supports the seamless generation of worksheets and labels for drugs prescribed in the system, eliminating complex transcription processes. The module has been created to enhance the capability to transfer treatment across multiple care settings by providing each care setting with the ability to create their own worksheets and labels so that multiple aseptic units can use the system.

Providing integrated appointment scheduling ChemoCare provides the capability for appointment scheduling driven directly from the prescription. This unique feature ensures that the appointment schedule is updated whenever the prescription is amended so avoiding wasted resources and patient inconvenience.

Download the ChemoCare Brochure