What we do

What ChemoCare Offers:

Single Patient Record

A single Chemotherapy patient record presents up to date clinical information enabling a patient's history and progress to be reviewed at the point of care.

Chemotherapy Electronic Prescribing

Efficient and safe prescribing using user configurable electronic protocols and cycles that support correct prescription decisions and automate dose calculation. Ensuring accurate, consistent and appropriate treatment for patients, the complex protocol configuration options support adult and paediatric, oncology and haematology prescribing and specialised conditional branching within the protocol design provides prescribing support for multi-arm clinical trials.


Full support for prescribing and patient management across multiple care settings including hospital and communities, where clinicians may review patients, prescribe, modify and authorise chemotherapy from any location; and multiple pharmacies are able to operate independently.

Decision Support

Comprehensive, chemotherapy specific decision support built into the prescribing process thus minimising the risks of patients receiving inappropriate treatment as a result of human error. Integration with FDB drug reference file, Multilex, to provide drug interaction, contraindication and allergy checking.


Proven paediatric capability developed in conjunction with CCLG hospital sites offering improved communication between Specialist Treatment Centres and their Paediatric Oncology Shared Care Units via the unique multi-pharmacy capability.


Integrated resource scheduling that works across multiple treatment areas, bringing clinical treatment plans and resource management together in one place.

Pharmacy Production

Seamless aseptic drug preparation through integrated and completely configurable worksheets and labels functionality, in line with GMP for pharmacy dispensing.

Drug Administration

Recording of the drug administration based on the expected medication for the individual patient, with integrated patient monitoring information to streamline pre-administration checks.

Flexible Reporting

Complete flexibility of reporting, including automation, for all levels of clinical process and financial audit and fully compliant with national reporting requirements, including SACT.


Offering seamless integration with existing systems e.g. PAS for pathology for patient registration and treatment authorisation; plus pharmacy stock control and EPR/clinical portal solutions. Interfaces are developed by dedicated interface specialists who have a track record of successful delivery with over 150 interfaces in operation.