COVID-19 Ongoing Customer Support

COVID-19 Ongoing Customer Support

We understand many of you are exploring ways to safely treat your cancer patients  in these extremely challenging times. This is just a short note to offer assistance wherever we can. We have previously offered assistance by generating reports to help with managing priorities and workloads, which many have responded to and received our help. The more recent discussions with our users have been about the use of private healthcare groups and their hospitals for chemotherapy administration, if this is a route, or indeed any variant, that you are considering or taking, we are only too pleased to assist in any way we can with establishing this way of treating patients, which may include remote deployments of ChemoCare, training of new users, or something else, so please do get in touch if we can be of assistance. Email

We at CIS Oncology wish you all well and safety during these difficult times.

Kind regards

Tony Pegg CEO