Another year of high praise from CIS’s customers for our support services

Circa 80% of clients who use CIS Oncology’s Help Desk say they are “completely satisfied” with the support received from our team, according to a recent service evaluation.

The results come from a client survey which asked for feedback on specific experiences with our support team to date, along with any suggestions they might have for improvements. The first six questions asked clients to rate a particular aspect of the Help Desk service according to whether they had been ‘completely satisfied,’ ‘very satisfied,’ ‘moderately satisfied,’ ‘slightly satisfied’ or ‘not at all satisfied.’ The seventh and final question then requested qualitative feedback about whether anything could be improved within the service.

The questions covered everything from initial response time to queries and the knowledge of our support analysts, to our Help Desk team’s general communication skills and the length of time it took to solve a client’s problem. Feedback was further generated on the quality of assistance received, as well as in relation to our technical support ticketing system.

The average percentage from those surveyed who said they were ‘completely satisfied’ totalled c80% and together with “very satisfied” totalled c90%. There were no ‘slightly’ or ‘not at all satisfied’ responses recorded. This positive feedback from respondents is subsequently key to showing what works well with our current support system, as well as identifying areas where we can potentially improve our offering even further. May we take this opportunity to thank everyone who took part in the survey and for giving us your highly valued and helpful feedback.

Efficient and reliable support service

With more than 80% of respondents completely satisfied with the initial response time to their queries, this highlights our dedication at CIS Oncology to dealing with all queries promptly. We understand that our clients require efficient action when it comes to handling any issues they might have, which is reflected in the feedback received within this area.

“I was happy with the service provided,” said Ben East, from Doncaster and Bassetlaw Hospitals NHS. “It is good that we get such rapid answers to problems!”

“My issue was resolved very quickly,” another respondent added, while further feedback stated, “[The] issue was a known fault. My call was answered and resolved quickly. So, for this call [I] cannot really improve the service from the support desk.”

With the remaining 16% of survey respondents ‘very satisfied’ with our initial response time to their queries, this positive feedback is further reflected in how they felt the team handled their query. At CIS Oncology, we’re committed to providing our clients with high-quality services in every area and our Help Desk is where we aim to deliver the information you need in a clear and efficient way. The survey shows that our clients agree this is indeed the case, with c80% completely satisfied with the knowledge of the support analyst who handled their query and the remaining ‘very satisfied.’ Almost all are also completely satisfied with the Help Desk team’s overall communication skills.

“I always find the helpdesk incredibly helpful and very responsive,” said Karen Whitehouse, from Sheffield Children’s Hospital. “The helpdesk understands that we are using a live system and fix the issues very quickly.”

The Royal Wolverhampton Trust added that, “in this case the reason for the issue was given without a need to prompt for it.”

Always keen to know how we can further improve our services, however, we also appreciate the feedback from those respondents who highlighted the need to ensure the same level of service from each support analyst. Consistency is something we strive to deliver at CIS Oncology, so this is something we are very mindful of within our support team.

Our ability to resolve issues promptly and to our clients’ satisfaction is, of course, at the core of our Help Desk. We’re therefore delighted that c80% of our survey respondents say they’re completely satisfied with the speed at which issues are currently resolved and that the remaining c20% are ‘very satisfied’.

Linda Powles, from Velindre University, NHS Trust, said her support request “was managed and resolved in a very timely manner,” while another respondent stated that “CIS Oncology always respond quickly to issues and resolve problems in a timely manner.”

Looking at the overall quality of support provided by our Help Desk team, more than 70% say they are completely satisfied in this area, with c20% ‘very satisfied’ and c5% ‘moderately satisfied’. The same results are evident with regards to our technical support ticketing system.

“I think there is no area [needed] for improvement within the support desk,” said Lee Cogger from the Royal Free London NHS Foundation Trust.

Debbie Andrews from Torbay and South Devon added that “no improvements [are] necessary,” which is, of course, always wonderful to hear.

Committed to continuously improving our service

At CIS Oncology, we know there are always ways to make things even better, however, so we value the feedback to our open-ended seventh question, which asked for suggestions about how we could improve clients’ experience of the Help Desk.

Key feedback to consider going forward subsequently includes:

  • Providing access to the functionality for running user access reports, so system managers don’t need to contact the support team to do this, thereby improving efficiency and freeing up our team for handling other queries.
  • Creating a forum or database which shows all reported issues and their responses, so users can search this to see if their problem has arisen previously and view a solution without needing to contact the Help Desk directly.
  • Providing information in relation to why an issue occurred, to assist our clients with the completion of internal reporting.

We appreciate the feedback from all those clients who participated in our Help Desk survey, which will assist us in our service delivery going forward. At CIS Oncology, we’re dedicated to delivering an efficient and reliable set of services across our organisation and we always aim to answer your queries expertly and as promptly as we can.

If you need to contact our support team, you can do so in the following ways:

Help Desk


Tel: +44 (0)2895 600855 option 2

Please note: The support service runs during contracted support hours and is available to assist with all support and maintenance tasks.