ChemoConsent is planned for launch in Q4 2024 – a Business Case to support this is available

Development is underway to embed the established consent processes into ChemoCare so that consent can be captured electronically and stored with the patient’s SACT record.

Proof-of-concept designs are currently being tested and approved and we have had discussions with a large cancer charity who are interested in collaborating. This is a fully costed solution with the following benefits:

•     Cost savings from year 1

•     Helping achieve net zero targets

•     Releasing frontline clinical staff from administrative tasks

•     Improved user and patient experience

•     Greatly enhanced legal compliance

CIS have entered into a commercial partnership with a leading e-signature company who have a track record in e-signatures in healthcare and are market leaders working to eIDAS standards and we are working together to deliver this important piece of work.

The business case (uploaded to the Customer Area – Technical & Clinical Information) outlines the cost benefits and wider benefits for clinicians and patients to digitising this process. Please contact your Product Specialist for more information or email